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Shamanic healing, yoga, and ceremony for a more meaningful life
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Like in Ancient Times…

You can consult with a shamanic practitioner to create clarity, balance, and joy in your life.

We are full of untapped potential. Due to unproductive patterns, trauma, and layers of accrued belief systems, most of us are holding back from living a meaningful life.

Through working with a shamanic practitioner, you receive an authentic shamanic experience with practical results. Outdated patterns are located and removed so that you can move into a life of larger possibility.

Upon releasing energetic blockages you will have access to more personal power and happiness.

The Power of Ceremony…

Ceremony has been a necessary aspect of individual and societal health throughout the ages. 

In shamanic ceremony we tap into our subconscious through the use of symbolism, ritual, and archetypical energies to create profound changes in daily life.

Ceremonies invoke the spirits of the natural world to “shift momentum” in positive directions.

They are a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation, and are also a wonderful tool to mark important life transitions

Shamanic Healing Will…

Help you create more meaningful relationships with others (and with yourself)

Release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, creating genuine change in your life


Expand the range of possibilities available for you to share your unique gifts with the world

Guide you to new levels of self-awareness

Allow you to feel your personal connection with nature and everything around you

Healing Services:

  • $345Release and Renew
  • Feel: Grounded, Worthy, Alive
  • 3 Sessions / Month
  • Weekly Soul Homework
  • Weekly E-mail Check-in
  • 3 Month Personalized Journey
  • $345/ month or $919 paid in full
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Welcome, I’m Mona.

I’m a medicine woman, yoga teacher, and ritual goddess specializing in cacao and forest ceremonies.

My introduction to shamanism began while conducting research in the Peruvian Amazon for Stanford University. While studying ecotourism I fell in love with jungle life and became entranced by the ancient stories carried by the muddy river waters. I spent the following two years traveling from the Peruvian jungle to Venezuela’s Caribbean islands, learning from the land and studying from elders.

Upon returning to the United States I found my first teacher of shamanism at the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts in CT. She initiated me into the Q’ero lineage of mesa carriers. In 2016 I traveled to Guatemala to study with a shaman who introduced me to sacred plant medicine.

Since then I’ve enjoyed working with cacao as a powerful heart-opening medicine; In 2017 I co-created the Sacred Cacao Collective with Kelvin Young to spread the magic of cacao to our communities.

I live in CT and draw my wisdom from the forests as well as the Connecticut River. I am passionate about helping others tap into the love.


Profound Stories of Transformation

“I immediately felt welcomed & comfortable in her presence.”

“Mona is such a nurturing soul. She really takes the time to listen and hold space for whatever it is that comes up. Her healing gifts are obvious and I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and support after our session.” – Lisa Laura

“My experience with Mona was profound.”

“She was able to help me reach a place deep inside myself through beautiful techniques, which allowed me to uncover new information about myself and release old pain. I felt lighter and filled with love after our session. She was able to help me see in a new perspective and left me with tools to continue some huge healing. Mona is a powerful shaman!” – Aly Yote

“My body and spirit were enlivened.”

“Mona did fabulous work clearing all of my chakras using very effective methods. I felt very refreshed, my body and spirit were enlivened. Mona is a natural healer and tremendous shaman. She used guided imagery which was most helpful. I highly recommend her.” – Betsy Tomasso

“She helped me reconnect with….my purpose.”

“Teresa is a gifted and talented healer. During my shamanic session she helped me reconnect with what I knew was my purpose – but had lost sight of. She literally and energetically helped me unfurl my wings so I could fly once again!” – Beth Reel

“After the session I was a newborn soul.”

“One day I was crying outside my work, feeling so broken hearted. Mona looked at me and listened. I could feel her steady, grounding energy, which stabilized me within seconds and calmed my nerves down. A painful relationship and the past were hurting my heart big time.

We met for a healing session and Mona asked what I was looking for. Easy to answer: love, to feel the love freely flowing in my life again. You wouldn’t believe the things and people that reached out to me afterward, out of the blue. After the session I was a newborn soul. All refreshed; a clean shining magnet to restructure my actual world.

Mona is a generous gift from the universe. I suggest you use that for your own good.” – Sevi Ozbelli

Transform your life with Mona

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