Transform your life through shamanic coaching and ceremony

You’re born to SHINE.

I know you can feel it.

You’re full of untapped potential. Inside, there’s a confident, powerful, and authentic self waiting to emerge, fully seen and supported. I know you’ve been waiting for a long time, and I also know that you’re ready.

Just like in ancient times, you can work with a shamanic practitioner to tap into the love, the love that already exists inside of you and within everything on the planet.

Along every step of your shamanic journey you’ll cultivate self-trust and experience grounded results to revive passion in your life. As layers chip away and outdated patterns are released, you’ll find that your true nature effortlessly emerges.

You deserve it, beloved. It’s time.

I’ll guide you to…

Connect to your inner knowing, feeling grounded and confident within your body

Release outdated patterns, arriving in a space of authentic self-expression


Recover forgotten parts of your soul so that you can deeply experience the magic and joy of life 

Open your heart and expand your awareness, feeling connected to nature and everything around you 

***Warning: Shamanic healing results in expanded states of bliss, love, and celebration! 

Healing Services

  • Individual Healing Session
  • Feel: Grounded, Clear, and Inspired 
  • 1 60-min Session
  • Integration Homework
  • All sessions are virtual, held via Zoom or Skype. Virtual sessions reflect the same authenticity and effectiveness as in-person healing. 
Yes, I choose HEALING
photo credit: John Tyczkowski

Welcome, I’m Mona Moon.

I’m a shamanic practitioner and an eternal student of love. I empower my clients to open their hearts and embrace life through shamanic coaching and ceremony.

My introduction to shamanism began while conducting research in the Peruvian Amazon for Stanford University. While studying ecotourism I fell in love with jungle life and became entranced by the ancient stories carried in the muddy river waters. I spent the following two years traveling from the Peruvian jungle to Venezuela’s Caribbean islands, learning to open my heart via the wisdom stored in the land.

The Peruvian Q’ero mesa tradition was the first to open my heart and mind to the powerful healing available through shamanism. Soon after, I began to draw my wisdom directly from the local forests and the land. I currently enjoy guiding my clients along the path of love, and have the honor of training shamanic practitioners as well as cacao medicine keepers.

I am a firm believer that our true nature is love, and the process of remembering who we are is the ecstasy of being alive. I’d be honored to serve as your guide to #tapintothelove.


Personal Accounts of Transformation

“I immediately felt welcomed & comfortable in her presence.”

“Mona is such a nurturing soul. She really takes the time to listen and hold space for whatever it is that comes up. Her healing gifts are obvious and I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and support after our session.” – Lisa Laura

“My time spent with her is priceless.”

“My adventure with Mona came to an end but really it is just a beginning. My time spent with her is priceless and I got so much more from our course than expected: love, authenticity, guidance, patience, friendship. Mona gently took my hand to walk uncharted inner territories and I will be forever grateful.” – Cacao Facilitation Trainee, Philippines 

“My body and spirit were enlivened.”

“Mona did fabulous work clearing all of my chakras using very effective methods. I felt very refreshed, my body and spirit were enlivened. Mona is a natural healer and tremendous shaman. She used guided imagery which was most helpful. I highly recommend her.” – Betsy Tomasso

“I’m so happy with every single thing that is shifting.”

“I’m so happy with every single thing that is shifting, moving, sensed and experienced in new ways. It’s still fresh, but I can sense more ease, more clarity and so much more movement and ‘wholeness’ (for lack of a better word). It means a lot. Being able to relax and breath lighter, knowing whats right or ‘not for me right now’. Knowing when to rest and when to move. I see myself living with more love, intention and ritual and it feels like home <3.” – Shamanic Coaching Client, Netherlands

“She helped me reconnect with….my purpose.”

“Teresa is a gifted and talented healer. During my shamanic session she helped me reconnect with what I knew was my purpose – but had lost sight of. She literally and energetically helped me unfurl my wings so I could fly once again!” – Beth Reel

“After the session I was a newborn soul.”

“One day I was crying outside my work, feeling so broken hearted. Mona looked at me and listened. I could feel her steady, grounding energy, which stabilized me within seconds and calmed my nerves down. A painful relationship and the past were hurting my heart big time.

We met for a healing session and Mona asked what I was looking for. Easy to answer: love, to feel the love freely flowing in my life again. You wouldn’t believe the things and people that reached out to me afterward, out of the blue. After the session I was a newborn soul. All refreshed; a clean shining magnet to restructure my actual world.

Mona is a generous gift from the universe. I suggest you use that for your own good.” – Sevi Ozbelli


with Mona